UNPLUG Chuck Box Factory 2nd (USA Only) - UNPLUG Easy Outdoor Adventure
UNPLUG Chuck Box Factory 2nd (USA Only) - UNPLUG Easy Outdoor Adventure
UNPLUG Chuck Box Factory 2nd (USA Only) - UNPLUG Easy Outdoor Adventure
UNPLUG Chuck Box Factory 2nd (USA Only) - UNPLUG Easy Outdoor Adventure
UNPLUG Chuck Box Factory 2nd (USA Only) - UNPLUG Easy Outdoor Adventure

UNPLUG Chuck Box Factory 2nd (USA Only)

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This Product is only available in the USA and is sold with FREE Shipping.

This is an Empty Unplug Chuck Box (Including Caddy). It is the exact same product as our signature Chuck Box (see listing for further details) however is deemed to be a factory 2nd and has the following issues :

The back panel  of the Chuck box have one or more spilts. We used 8mm (5/16th of Inch) thick Bamboo. We used this size on the back panel to reduce the overall weight of the product however after being exposed to different climates and the expanding and contraction that comes with natural materials the back panel on these factory seconds has split. Most have one split however some have multiple. This issue is only on the back panel.  All factory seconds have split backs.

Some of the receiver plates for the magnets and/or hinges have surface rust which can be overcome by removing the item/s, sanding lightly and either applying a rust resistant paint or clear lacquer. Some factory seconds do not have surface rust however we'd rather set low expectations and exceed them rather than the opposite.

They are the common issues. Apart from that the factory seconds are perfect and completely functional

Who would these be suitable for : 

1) If you're fitting out a van or camper and aren't worried about the back as you wouldn't see it then our factory seconds will be an excellent and affordable solution.

2) If you're pretty handy (or know someone who is)  and are willing to take on the project of replacing or repairing the back panel again this product would be suitable.

3) If you can live with the cosmetic flaws then the function of the box remains and again this could be an affordable and problem solving solution.

We are selling these Chuck Box seconds off a cost price. Price includes Shipping which costs us approx $45-75 USD.  As we are selling them at cost we can not offer free return shipping, so If you have any questions or concerns then please do reach out to us before ordering, The factory seconds are only available for shipping within the lower 48 of the USA.  When you order with UNPLUG you're deal directly with the owner of the Brand and you'll be looked after if there is an issue

Moving Forward : We have discontinued this product in it's current form. Once seconds are sold out UNPLUG will not have a Chuck Box solution available for some time. 

We are considering a flat pack version 2 with a slightly modified design. We are also considering developing a more rugged water and dust resistant Chuck Box which would more than likely made from plastic or metal. We really LOVE Bamboo and would be reluctant to move away from it. We would love your input into what you think would be the best solution. Don't delay reaching out and sharing your thoughts via the email address below.

Happy camping 

Frazer Evett

Founder and General Manager 

UNPLUG Easy Outdoor Adventure



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