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I love this duffle. 2.5 years of abuse, thrown around like a sack of potatoes, diesel dumped right on top of it, I've had it on the back of a semi for 500+ miles. Hosed it down and bone dry inside. I live on the road and this bag has set a standard to me. Money well spent and when the day comes and I need a new bag (and I don't think its anytime soon), no question I'm buying this same brand. Hats off to you guys for making a amazing product and a no BS bag.

Levi S. 4th Feb 2024

I took this on a one week sailing tour earlier this week. I purchased the 65L and it holds a ton of stuff. I packed far more clothing than required (enough for two weeks as it turned out) as well as a king sized pillow and a rain suit and still enough space remained for more gear. The outside straps secured my sleeping bag and the shoulder straps made it easy and comfortable as a back pack. Though I did not have occasion to test the waterproof feature I have no doubt as to its capability to do so. This bag is well constructed and built to last.

Mike. 24th Sep 2023

The “Unplug Heavy Duty” duffel bag is an outstanding choice for anyone looking for a reliable and durable bag. The workmanship of this duffel bag is impressive — the reinforced seams and waterproof material not only ensure a long life, but also effective protection against the elements.The waterproofness of this duffel bag is particularly noteworthy. Whether it's an unexpected rain shower or the challenges of water sports, this duffel bag always keeps your equipment dry. The careful selection of materials and high-quality workmanship make it a reliable companion under all conditions.

Max H. 21st Jan 2024

Used this on a 7 day canoe trip. Survived with zero issues. Holds enough stuff for 2 people plus food for 7 days. It easily fit inside my 35” wide canoe. The side Molly system made it perfect for tie downs to the yoke. The backpack feature was great for portages. This stayed waterproof in the canoe and outside the tent in the rain. Everything stayed dry which was its main purpose and function. Very pleased. Would buy again but don’t think I will have to for many years of abuse.

Dr CS. 10th Aug 2023

This is the baddest bag on the planet, hands down. Took it on a moose hunt in Alaska where it rained for 8 days with 2 hurricanes and it blew my mind. When I got it I was blown away by the build quality. Over built is an understatement. The bag is massive yet has so many tension straps on it that it compacts down into a very manageable size for airline travel. The way you zip it up, fold, then clip the ends down makes the bag totally waterproof and air tight. Very tough, very thick material. To the designer, well done. I'll be buying your smaller version as well! Thank you!

David. 23rd Apr 2021

I'm a Colorado river guide and have used several brands of bags. Most work very well for the first few outings, then start to have problems with buckles, straps or zippers. So far after three trips, this bag has proven to be water proof and durable. The 110L bag will hold all my gear for a 5-7 day trip (tent, sleeping bag, clothes, chair and misc gear) with room to spare and sty under the 50lb airline limit.

Dean D. 29th Nov 2022

I purchased the 155 liter bag for motorcycle trips. I used the bag for a 12 day trip from California to Colorado. The bag held up well to wind, rain and hail. I store a tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, clothing, food, small pillow, and other items in it. The bag was able to hold all this gear and had room for more. It tied down easily to my cargo rack. When carrying the bag, I mostly used the back pack straps. I would recommend this bag to anyone who has a lot of gear and wants to keep it out of the elements.

Daniel B. 11th June 2022



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