UNPLUG Adventure Bags

Gets Gear Through Any Weather

2021 New Range Gives More Adventure Options

When we launched our Adventure Bags in Late 2019 we didn't imagine that we'd solve a common problem that many people had. People started using our waterproof bags for all sorts of uses from motorcycle dry bag to waterproof gear bags for commercial fishing, kayaking, canoe camping and waterproof bags for boating. We still use ours primarily as heavy duty camping duffel bag we tie to the top of our 4WD but it would seem all different flavors of adventure enthusiasts are finding they are the new go to gear bag for hardcore adventure when you need gear that will perform no matter where your adventure takes you or what weather you face

Whatever Your Adventure, We Have You Covered

If you need a waterproof duffle bag to get your gear through any weather then we have you covered. There are now 3 sizes and 2 colors of UNPLUG Ultimate Adventure Bags to choose from. All come with adjustable backpack straps so if you’re after a dry bag backpack to get that last mile over rough terrain our waterproof duffel bags will take it what nature throws and get you and your gear there safe, dry and clean. Check out the picture with sizes to help you decide which size you need for your adventure.

Why We Developed this Bag

I take my Family Beach Camping twice a year for a week. They’re awesome trips however I used to dread packing and unpacking. I'd put anything bulky yet light on my 4X4 Rooftray but it took me ages to load, cover with a tarp and tie it all down. I needed to make things Easier and Faster. I'd seen some waterproof dry bags but they weren't big enough or truly all weather proof. I couldn't find what I was after so I did my research and developed these "Ultimate Adventure Bags" Not only are they super functional as a waterproof duffle bag that can take a stack of gear but they also very easy on the eye and we believe that makes a difference also. If your kit gets you excited when you look at it then you'll use it more and go on more adventures.

Designed in Australia For Rugged Adventure 

Whether it be driving through snow on a highway or battling a storm out at sea you need your gear to stand up and deliver when the need arises.
UNPLUG Ultimate Adventure Bags are Waterproof, Stormproof, Snowproof, Sandproof, Mudproof and Dustproof. Our heavy duty waterproof bags have multiple tie down points so as long as you can anchor it down on your chosen form of transport it will make the trip no matter what.

How WE use our Bags

tested for Over 6500 miles of exposure

In 2019 we took our prototypes on a 7 week, 6500 mile camping tour of the Western United States. I needed to test them in ALL conditions. We flew them as checked in Luggage, Our bags were dragged over rocks, went through Rocky Mountain Snow Storms and were subjected to Death Valley Heat. We travelled with all our winter Sleeping gear and compact chairs for a family of 5 in just 2 of our 155L Adventure bags We strapped them straight onto the roof of our SUV rental and they never failed. Here's some photos from our prototype testing trip.


next generation adventure bags

Bullet Point Spec Sheet

Waterproofed 1680D Ballistic Ripstop Oxford
High Frequency Welded Construction, No stitching penetrates inside of bag.
Roll Down Clip Down “Water Resistant “ YKK Zip
8 Point Compression strap System
Multiple Tie Down Loops
Heavy Duty End Grab Handles
Reinforced Load Points
Removable Padded Back Pack Straps


Do your research !!! Most bags are only 400-900D and aren’t truly weatherproof. Ours are 1680D and handle any weather. We haven’t compromised on quality anywhere and hence they aren’t cheap, however we sell them with no middleman so you get Value. I Personally Guarantee these Bags will exceed your expectations and we offer a Money Back Guarantee and an Extended 5 Year Warranty.

Frazer Evett
Founder and General Manager 
UNPLUG Easy Outdoor Adventure 

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Aromatherapy While Traveling

Self-doubt and fear interfere with our ability to achieve or set goals. Self-doubt and fear are the voices in our head telling us, “You’ll never succeed, so why try?” and “who do you think you are?” Self-doubt and fear are also what make us listen to those voices and decide to give up before we get started. 

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