UNPLUG Chuck Box Solutions

BAMBOO is Sustainable, Strong and Beautiful  

Traditionally Chuck Boxes were heavy wooden boxes built into the back of Chuck Wagons providing a mobile Kitchen for early settlers. When we were designing our Chuck Boxes it was hard to look past Bamboo for it's strength to weight ratio and sustainability. Choosing sustainable materials like Bamboo means you're investing in the longevity of the Planet we share.  An added bonus is Bamboo is naturally very Beautiful 

Easy Set up means you'll go more often

Take the Stress Out of camping and Outdoor Dining by having everything you need, ready to go in a stylish and organized Portable Kitchen Solution. Our Chuck Boxes Can be used either straight from the back of a Vehicle or on a portable table anytime anywhere. 



At UNPLUG we’re about products that are well thought out, well constructed and are beautiful solutions to enhance the Outdoors Life.

Let’s start with the Engineering because strength is obviously important. The components of the Chuck box are cut in, glued and pinned to create a solid cabinet fit for purpose. It’s built to have minimal fixings showing and stainless steel handles that enhance the beauty of the finished product.

Our Chuck Boxes are sealed inside and out and have a reinforced plinth (raised base) to allow easy use straight from the back of your SUVs trunk or on a table anywhere. This allows the Chuck Box to be used at a practical height and avoid assembling or positioning legs. The doors are hung and have 2 stainless steel cased magnetic catches fitted for each door. A Stainless latch is provided for keeping the doors closed whilst transporting. 

everything you need for outdoor cooking and dinning

Highly Functional, Coordinated and Stylish Essentials

There's a fine line between camping and living like a homeless person. Whether you're starting out or just looking to upgrade your Camping Essentials, Our Ultimate Chuck Boxes come fully loaded with everything you need so you can add your personal touches to create your perfect Camping Kitchen in a box, ready to go Night or Day.

Take Less Stuff and have a Better Experience

From our experience and observations, people tend to take way more then they actually need and it's often a mismatch of numerous items bought over time. It can end up feeling like a yard sale. We've dialed in things so you take everything you need and provide multi functional and high quality essentials that actually enhance the outdoors experience.

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Everything You Need for Outdoor Cooking and Dinning

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3 Major Motives Of Our Lives

Self-doubt and fear interfere with our ability to achieve or set goals. Self-doubt and fear are the voices in our head telling us, “You’ll never succeed, so why try?” and “who do you think you are?” Self-doubt anvd fear are also what make us listen to those voices and decide to give up before we get started. 

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Aromatherapy While Traveling

Self-doubt and fear interfere with our ability to achieve or set goals. Self-doubt and fear are the voices in our head telling us, “You’ll never succeed, so why try?” and “who do you think you are?” Self-doubt and fear are also what make us listen to those voices and decide to give up before we get started. 

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Emma Greer


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