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Hello fellow Riders who just happen to have an
unquenchable thirst for adventure!

If you’re in the market for a large, quality, fully weatherproof Adventure Bag,
that you can put all your touring or camping gear in and have
peace of mind that no matter what you go through on your ride,
that your gear will be clean and dry when you arrive,
then you’ve just found THE bag you’ve been looking for!

Straight up, I didn’t actually design these with motorbikes in mind,
but the principles are the same and our waterproof duffel bags
work for any vehicle you can strap them to. The Adventure Bag comes
with multiple fixing points on both sides and heavy duty / reinforced everything!

There are 8 compression points and a roll down dry bag top which
means you can compress the bag to whatever size you want.


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Over 12,000 Bags Sold Worldwide.
Over 700 Amazon.com reviews averaging 4.7 Stars out of 5
Motorcycle camping. Like Biker Bits said, get one bag and load all your camp gear in it...this is the bag. I bought this bag because it is 32" long which allows me to simply roll up my 30" wide sleeping pad and bag, roll my LR MotoTent to 30", cinch strap them and drop them in the bag along with the table and chair. I then cinch strap the Unplug bag to a nice compact size that fits nicely on the motorcycle. Industrial tough bag...love it.

David Etch

I bought the 155L bag, which is HUGE, but fits perfectly up sideways to my tall sissy bar! I can fit EVERYTHING in there. Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, a camp stool, hammock, tons of clothes... and there is still plenty of room for more. The bag has straps to cinch it down on all sides, handles, backpack straps, tie-down points — and everything is reinforced and seems super solid.

I've taken it on a few long trips already, even gotten rained on, and it kept my stuff dry and has held up like a champ! It is simply the perfect bag for how I like to travel.

The backpack straps make it so easy to get my stuff off the bike and to wherever I'm staying for the night. So excited about this bag, and will definitely be recommending it to friends!!

Eclectic Shopper

One bag, that's all (Tent, Awning, Pad, Sleeping Bag, Table, Chair...and plenty of room remaining for 2nd Jacket, Rain gear, Motorcycle Cover, etc.)

Excellent material and construction. 33" long, spans across seat and rest mid-line on both panniers.


I purchased the 65L bag for motorcycle touring and it seems to be a very good choice. There are tons of straps on the bag to firmly secure it to the bike that the thought of it coming off were never a concern.

The "stitching" or high frequency welding is very well done and I didn't see any stretching or tearing along the welds. The material is very thick and durable. This bag is huge, I used it for a 4 day solo trip and had plenty of extra space but since it rolled up nicely on the rear luggage rack it didn't catch any wind like a hard case would.

My initial thoughts on the Unplug duffel bags are very good and would by another 65L should the need occur.


I purchased the 155 liter bag for motorcycle trips. I used the bag for a 12 day trip from California to Colorado. The bag held up well to wind, rain and hail. I store a tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, clothing, food, small pillow, and other items in it. The bag was able to hold all this gear and had room for more.

It tied down easily to my cargo rack. When carrying the bag, I mostly used the back pack straps. I would recommend this bag to anyone who has a lot of gear and wants to keep it out of the elements.

Daniel Brierley

The quality of this bag is head and shoulders above other waterproof bags. It is genuinely waterproof unlike most of the waterproof bags that are offered up by a search (which tend to have weaknesses in the zips that let water in or are small capacity). This has a massive 155l capacity that because of the roll top and the many integrated straps it easily pulls down into a smaller bag.

Plenty of sturdy lashing points and straps including back pack straps make it easy to carry. I wanted just one bag to lash to the bike across the panniers to save time and these worked really well. The 155l is very large and might not suit everyone but they are so good we then bought a second 65l which is the same excellent quality. I was prepared to fork out £260 on an Ortlieb when I saw these were better made and more suitable for the job, glad I bought these instead. If you're unsure check them out on Youtube.




Ergonomic and Adjustable Straps with Sternum Support


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Built for practical last mile transportation and entertainment mobility,
the Ninebot S gets you to your destination while you enjoy and experience the moment.


* 3 sizes to cover all size adventures
* Handles rain, snow, sand, mud, dust and brief submersion
* Waterproofed 1680D Ballistic Ripstop Oxford
* High Frequency Welded Construction
* No stitching penetrates inside of bag
* Roll down clip down “water resistant“ YKK zip
* 8 point compression strap system
* Multiple tie down loops
* Heavy duty end grab handles
* Reinforced load points
* Removable padded back pack straps

If you need a waterproof duffel bag to get your gear through any weather then we have you covered.

There are now 3 sizes and 2 colours of UNPLUG Ultimate Adventure Bags to choose from.

All come with adjustable backpack straps so if you’re after a dry bag backpack to get that last mile over rough terrain our waterproof duffel bags will take what nature throws and get you and your gear there safe and dry.


Most bags are only 400-900D and aren’t truly weatherproof.

Ours are 1680D and handle any weather. We haven’t compromised on quality anywhere and hence they aren’t cheap, however we sell them with no middleman so you get value.

I personally guarantee these bags will exceed your expectations and we offer a Money Back Guarantee and an Extended 5 Year Warranty.

Note, this warranty does not cover normal wear, tear, cuts or holes which have nothing to do with manufacturing. Proof of purchase will be required if placing a claim. 

Frazer Evett
Founder and Director
UNPLUG Easy Outdoor Adventure